The Randies Band Stolen in Silverlake, CA

The Band The Randies┬áhad their tour van stolen with all of their gear while on tour in Silverlake California on Sunday 4-12-09. They are currently on the Van’s Warped Tour. Please keep an eye out for any of this gear. This is a long list, so please check through all of it. Of course, if everyone who sees this could buy a song of theirs from myspace or itunes, it would certainly go a long way to helping them out as well….

 Location: Silverlake CA.

Type of Equipment: Fender 800 Pro Bass Head
Serial Number: CR307685
Note: Spray painted gold

Type of Equipment: Fender 4×10 Pro Bass Speaker Cab
Serial Number: M1477772

Type of Equipment: Marshall Plexi late 60s/early 70s w/ modified master volume
Serial Number:Unknown

Type of Equipment: Fender Blonde 2×12 Tonemaster Speaker Cab
Serial Number:CR2xxx7031
Note:Well Worn

Type of Equipment: Marshall JCM800 50watt MK2 2204
Serial Number:U25750
Note: late 80s with bleach stain on grill

Type of Equipment: Marshall JCM800 1960A lead 4×12 Cab
Serial Number:unknown

Type of Equipment: Fender Jaguar Bass Black
Serial Number: S092605
Note: white pickguard

Type of Equipment: Fender 1972 Telecaster Thinmaster Custom Dark Green
Serial Number: R36263
Note: Red Tortoise pickguard

Type of Equipment: Squier Hello Kitty Strat Pink
Serial Number: Unknown
Note: With silver skull and bones studs and blk vinyl strap

Type of Equipment: Squier Hello Kitty Strat Blk
Serial Number: Unknown
Note: With silver grommet hot pink strap

Type of Equipment: Fender “Badtz-Maru” Bronco Bass Guitar
Serial Number: Unknown

Type of Equipment: Black Pedal board
Note: Says “The Randies” on it in torquise. Has an Electroharmonix Little Big Muff, Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI, Boss TU-2 tuner pedal

Type of Equipment: Black Pedal board

Note: Has “The Randies” on it in torquise. Includes Electro harmonix Little Big Muff, Ernie Ball VP JR volume pedal, MXR Custom MC-402 boost/overdrive (serial: AA85C524) and MXR DCbrick power supply. Also bears a “morris” and “Holmberg cases” sticker.

Type of Equipment: Black Pedal board
Note: Has MXR DC Brick power supply, MXR Custom MC402 Boost/overdrive, Boss TU-2 Tuner. MXR Stereo Chorus.

Type of Equipment: Ludwig 9 ply all maple drum kit dark green finish.
Serial Number: Tom 1: 34152262, Tom 2: 3415247

Type of Equipment: Ludwig all maple 6.5 natural snare
Serial Number:3419908

Type of Equipment: Roc n Soc Hydraulic Tripod Throne

Type of Equipment: 20in Zildjian Z Custom Ride Z40520, 19in Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash AZ0828 13 Zildjian A Custom Projection Bottom Hihat, 13in Zildjian Z Custom Bottom Z40715, 10in Zildjian A Custom AZ0542 Splash, 6in Zildjian A Custom Splash, DW9000 Double Kick pedal.

Note: All drum equipment in SKB Hardshell cases.

Type of Equipment: Ford 15 passenger Van, White
Note: California plate 4YRR578

Police information:
Officer Al Polehonki
Case number 09-1110454

This instrument has been reported stolen. If you see this instrument, think of your safety first. We advise you not to purchase the item from anyone claiming to be the owner. If you feel safe with pursuing it further, contact your local law enforcement, referencing the above case number.


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