High End Luthier Warning – Henneken Guitars

When you place an order with a small, high end luthier, you can often expect a long wait. Two years or more are not uncommon. But you do expect to get what you ordered in the end. A follower alerted us to some forum posts about Henneken Guitars.

Their site is very attractive, but hasn’t been updated since 2005. [Update: as of 09-2013, it still hasn’t been updated, but is still up]. It is hard to call this definitively as a scam or a maybe the luthier is just a flake. Who knows, really? From these posts, it is hard to tell if anything has ever been delivered, but Markku, after much chasing, is making right for at least the first forum poster, and many thanks must go out to the forum users who played detective and translator from a continent away.

We’d like to discourage you from making inquiries with this company until its reliability can be confirmed.

Here’s the biggest story:

or this blog:


The reviews on Harmony Central are all from one person, and while he is listed as an endorsee, the relationship has soured by the third review.


If you have had a similar experience, please let us know. We’d like to spread the word about scams or companies that are not living up to their word. You can send us an email at bryan@gearsecure.net

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