Counterfeit Gibson Les Paul Zakk Wylde Green

We have a report of a counterfeit Gibson Zakk Wylde Signature Green. While we have no photos, we have a very good description of the guitar.

In this particular instance, the things that tipped off the store that reported it were the fine details.

  • The truss rod cover was “not right” but close.
  • The Gibson Logo wasn’t slanted like an authentic Gibson.
  • The neck and headstock didn’t have the same angle as an authentic Gibson.

In this case, two people were trying to sell this guitar to a store. If the store hadn’t noticed, it would have lost a lot of money buying a worthless guitar.

Likely this guitar will now go to another store, a pawn shop or onto a public market forum. Please be aware of this if you consider buying one of these from a private individual.


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