Counterfeit scam warning

We got an email from somebody who fell victim to a scammer in purchasing an Ibanez Jem from a private party. He sent the seller $1,500 by wire for a counterfeit. If you’ve had a similar experience, please send us a line to so we can spread the word. In issuing these warnings, we should be able to restrict the market for these scammers. Unfortunately with the economy in the shambles it is, more people are pulling this sort of thing to make money.

As a general guideline, sending money via wire transfer, or other means by which there is no guarantee or reversibility if a scam is detected is a warning sign that something is up. Use Paypal or other services that have some insurance and path to reconciliation in case of fraud to protect yourself. This was attempted to two other acquaintances recently, both while trying to sell cars.

In this case, the seller was named Dante Meman, and he was using the email, which doesn’t seem to be in use anymore. I’ll get the city and state he lives in in an update.

UPDATE: He is from Adelanto CA.

We’d recommend staying away from buying from this individual at least until we get word of some resolution to the situation. Since he isn’t responding to the buyer, we are assuming he knows he’s selling counterfeits. We’re working on some new ideas in how to prevent this in the future.



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