Stolen Musicman Silhouette In Chicago IL Area

The following was stolen from a retail store in the central Chicago area:


This instrument was stolen from the same retail store that lost a Musicman Silhouette in the February 23 listing. It is likely that the same thieves are responsible for both. There is a possibility that the thieves would try to sell both at the same time.

Musicman Luke with trem Graphite pearl with matching headstock Rosewood fretboard
Serial number G43808

Police report HS183627
Chicago Police Department (312) 744-5983

Keep an eye out.

This equipment has been reported stolen. If you see these items, think of your safety first. We advise you not to purchase the item from anyone claiming to be the owner. If you feel safe with pursuing it further, contact your local law enforcement, referencing the above case number.


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