Gear Stolen from Child Bite in Detroit

The Band Child Bite had their Gear stolen along with their van behind the Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI on 9/27/2013. Their info is on on the poster below.

Van: 2001 Dark Green Ford e250 No Side/back Windows
Plate: CAZ0020
Police Ref#: 41287412

70s Fender Jazz Bass, Purple with Badass bass bridge, black tuning pegs, EMG pickups, stacked pots (see poster below)

’98 Fender Toronado, Black, with Black Pickguard (see poster below)


70s Musicman HD-130 Head
2 Musicman 2×12 cabs
Ampeg SVT Pro 3 Head
Korg Rackmount Tuner
Ampeg 8×10 Cabinet
70s Sunn Concert Lead Head
70s 6×10 Sunn Cab

Electroharmonix Holy Grail Reverb
Fulltone Plimsoul
Ibanez Tubescreamer
Morley Wah
Devi Ever Blue Distortion Pedal
Boss Chromatic Tuner
New 85 Reissue Proco Rat
Hughes and Kettner Warp Pedal
Boss ME-50

Boss Dr Sample 303

child bite


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