The Powder Room Had their gear stolen while on tour in Chicago

Athens, GA bands The Powder Room and Vincas had their van broken into in Chicago while on tour. They’ve had to abandon the tour and have an Indiegogo up Here┬áthat expires 1/8/2014 to help recoup the costs. Here’s a list of the gear:

1998 lefty fender standard tele made in USA
N8 345175

1982 Tobacco burst Standard Les Paul

Rickenbacher blue burst 4003

1978 Fender Precision Bass

1981 Music man HD-150 bass head
Vox AC-30

32×18 SKB powered pedal board containing:

Ehx green big muff
Boss re-20 space echo
Weeping demon wah
Hardwire distortion

32×16 Gator pedal board with g-bus power supply containing:

Ernie ball volume pedal beat to hell and back

Dunlop cry baby from hell 97203001741

Digitech whammy 4

Effects boutique SRB-808
Vintage reissue rat
Custom clean boost
Tu-2 tuner
XR 59995

Boss dd-6 Velcro covering serial number

Boss rv-5
Horizon line selector

70s Rogers kick drum pedal

Toshiba laptop
Gateway NV51B35u laptop
Exploring Microsoft word textbook

Hw526817 Detective contact info: tel:312-744-4932


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