Site Launch

This weekend we had a soft launch of our website at the Bakes guitar show in Hillside, IL. It was a good time, and fantastic to connect with some retailers from the region, and some other folks. There were a number of folks I knew and a number I didn’t, but the idea behind the site seemed to be well received. It felt good to finally be able to show this project off.

So what is the site? First of all, you can find us at There you can sign up for a GearBox, and add details about yourself and the gear you own. This is searchable by serial number and item only, and if your gear is stolen and police report is added, and the gear winds up in the hands of a member retailer, pawnshop, or consumer, its chance of being recovered greatly increases, especially as our membership increases. The GearBoxes are good places to store data on all your serialized goods, cameras, phones, tablets, and can also work for situations where a catastrophic loss needs to be reported to your insurance company.

We’re really looking out for you, and so is everyone else. Together we can make it much less attractive to steal gear in the first place.

Additionally, we have resources to learn about your gear, and many more features planned.

So please, share this on social media to get the word out, and mention it to your favorite shop next time you’re in.

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