Public Beta Launch

We are announcing our public beta launch of the site. GearSecure now has a fully automated database for storing serial numbers for your gear, it doesn’t have to be music gear, it can be your camera, your computer, your TV, your phone, your bike. If anything happens we’ve got a record of what you had, you can add police report details, and have it be searchable. Even if you don’t know it’s gone, the database will know who owns it, and so will everybody who uses it when considering a purchase.

And that’s the second part of it, anytime you’re thinking of making a purchase on an auction or classified site, give the site a search, know what you’re getting. You can search by item and serial number, or a near match, and you’ll be able to verify that it is for sale.

This is a problem, and it’s a growing problem. We hope to turn the tide.

So please, go visit our main site, and sign up. If you choose to purchase a GearBox that is expanded from the basic free level, use the coupon code “Beta1k” for 60% off.

We are refining and expanding the site and its capabilities during this month, and beginning to reach out to retailers to build our network. Let us know what you think.

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