Stolen Spector Basses en route to NAMM Show

Spector has announced a container of basses inbound from the Czech Republic was found to be empty on arrival in New York. They aren’t sure where the theft took place, it could be in Europe, but the basses are 40th Anniversary display models and customer Custom orders.

From their Facebook page:

We are sorry to announce that a few of our EuroLX basses including one of our new, beloved Euro 40th anniversary basses were stolen en route forThe NAMM Show in California. Attached is a photo of the anniversary model and we are asking for everyone to keep an eye out! We would love to retrieve them as soon as possible!

Please contact if you have seen their whereabouts! Thank you to our Spector community for your help and support!

It was an Air Shipment with 2 shipping containers from the Czech Republic Factory into Korg USA which is in NY. One of the shipping containers arrived empty.

They do not know if basses went missing before or after they entered the USA.

One container arrived with everything in it the other arrived empty.

So it’s they could have went missing in any place between the 2 locations.

The empty container should have had the following in it.

For the NAMM show
Euro4 40th Black Cherry Gloss Solid Maple wings with the black neck/middle &
a 40 at the 12th fret
Euro4LX Black Cherry Gloss
Euro4LX Poplar Burl Gloss

Customer Special orders
Euro5LXTW Trans Plum Gloss
Euro5LXTW Trans Green Gloss
Euro5LX DC Pickups Trans Blk Gloss

They provided photos of the bass models and the inlay. These are very fresh, if any have even reached market, so be suspicious of any Anniversary models on marketplaces.


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